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Connect people to their passions - from sports and family to everything in between.

Our Story

As the founders of Canvus, we'd like to personally thank you for being our customer. Like many great startup stories, ours begins with a chance encounter…

It was through a series of coincidences that the two of us ended up sitting across from each other in Vancouver ‘talking shop'. The conversations were deep and we bonded over everything from business philosophies to sports and big ideas. By the end of the meeting we had the beginnings of a promising new business plan. And after only a few short hours of knowing each other, we shook hands and started on this journey—without looking back since.

The things that are most important to us? Building strong partnerships and connecting people with the things they love.

We call the Pacific Northwest home with headquarters in Vancouver, BC and production in Springfield, Oregon. Like good Cascadians, we root for the Canucks, Seahawks and Oregon Ducks.

We hope you like our stuff.


Matt and Kevin

Our Team

Venture Media is a privately funded, product-focused technology company that incubates and grows Internet businesses. We dream up then create unique apps and websites that connect people to their passions.

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